Self-made Stamp and Stamp Pad

Babble Dabble Do Self-made Stamp and Stamp Pad

I have presented before the self-made fabric print stamp pad and a lot of stamps.
Under Self-made Stamp and Stamp Pad you can find somehow a compilation :)


Self-made Stamp and Stamp Pad (How to Make a Stamp)

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Self-made Fabric Print Stamp Pad
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Stamped Clay Bowls

Conscious Craft Stamped Clay Bowls

I love these stamped clay bowls, which you can make greatly from polymer clay, air drying clay but also from play dough :)
It works in the same way than the lace polymer clay bowl.


Stamped Clay Bowls (Easy To Make Air Dry Bowls)
via: Easy To Make Air Dry Bowls

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Lace Polymer Clay Bowl