Stamped Paperweights

Gathering Beauty Stamped Paperweights

These most beautiful stamped paperweights are wrapped stones :)
They are made in a similar way than the stamped clay containers.


Stamped Paperweights (DIY embossed clay stone paperweights.) (englisch)
via: 12 Air Dry Clay Projects that will instantly inspire you!

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Stamped Clay Containers

Self-made Stamp and Stamp Pad

Babble Dabble Do Self-made Stamp and Stamp Pad

I have presented before the self-made fabric print stamp pad and a lot of stamps.
Under Self-made Stamp and Stamp Pad you can find somehow a compilation :)


Self-made Stamp and Stamp Pad (How to Make a Stamp)

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Self-made Fabric Print Stamp Pad
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Stamped Clay Bowls

Conscious Craft Stamped Clay Bowls

I love these stamped clay bowls, which you can make greatly from polymer clay, air drying clay but also from play dough :)
It works in the same way than the lace polymer clay bowl.


Stamped Clay Bowls (Easy To Make Air Dry Bowls)
via: Easy To Make Air Dry Bowls

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Lace Polymer Clay Bowl

Pasta Imprinted Clay Tiles

arteascuola Pasta Imprinted Clay Tiles

These pasta imprinted clay tiles are made from ‘real’ clay, but you can use this imprint technique also with polymer clay! :)
And doesn’t it look great?! :)


Pasta Imprinted Clay Tiles (Tiles imprinted with pasta)

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