Beads Knot Necklace

Beads Knot Necklace

Such a simple yet striking idea: knot bead strings to a beads knot necklace :)


Beads Knot Necklace => I don’t know where this idea comes from originally
via: I like knot jewelry
via: A Dozen Ways to Repurpose All Those Mardi Gras Beads – 7. Knotted Necklace
via: A Dozen Ways to Repurpose All Those Mardi Gras Beads

Buttons and Beads Necklace

Craftaholique Buttons and Beads Necklace

Isn’t the buttons and beads necklace a nice combination of button crafts and bead embroidery?


Buttons and Beads Necklace (Bead Embroidered Statement Necklace (with Buttons))
via: Button and Bead Embroidered Statement Necklace Tutorial

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Fabric Scrap Beads Necklace

Artizan Made Fabric Scrap Beads Necklace

The embellished fabric beads and the embellished fabric beads II have been heavily decorated with beads and stuff.
This fabric scrap beads necklace shows that they can also look beautiful if completely unembellished :)


Fabric Scrap Beads Necklace (Gilgulim Fabric Art Necklace)

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