Mould Making

Crafts Unleashed Mould Making

The instruction shows mould making.
It is meant for butter, but I don’t know how food safe all this is.
But it surely suited for soap making.
And additionally you can find here in the blog more ideas for moulds :)


Mould Making (Customizable Butter Mold)
via: Customizable Butter Mold

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Miniature Faux Glass Art

BluKatKraft Miniature Faux Glass Art

The miniature faux glass art has actually been made for a doll house, but I find that it could also greatly been used for jewelry just like the other plastic bottle jewelry ideas :)


Miniature Faux Glass Art (DIY Dollhouse Miniatures: Modern “Glass” Art Tutorial)

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Glass-like Origami Crane

The Cheese Thief Glass-like Origami Crane

Isn’t the glass-like origami crane beautiful!? :)
And if you are interested in another non-paper origami crane, take a look again for the edible origami-crane croutons ;-)


Glass-like Origami Crane (How to Fold Glass-like Origami Cranes)
via: Upcycle Cellophane To Cranes

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