Flip Flop Wreath

etsy DanniDoesBows Flip Flop Wreath

Isn’t the flip flop wreath nice?
Really summerly :)

Or would you prefer to make some­thing else with your flip flops?
Or even another wreath? :)


Flip Flop Wreath (Welcome flip flop wreath)
via: Flip Flop Wreaths for Summer

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Plastic Bottle Jewelry Holder

EPBOT Plastic Bottle Jewelry Holder

I have already presented a lot of stuff with plastic bottles and some jewelry holders, but this is the first plastic bottle jewelry holder ;-)
And it is nice, isn’t it? :)


Plastic Bottle Jewelry Holder (“Dew” It Yourself Jewelry Stand )
via: Make a Recycled Soda Bottle Jewelry Stand

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Recycled Plastic Bracelet

youtube Veva Pineiro Recycled Plastic Bracelet

Despite having presented plastic bottle bracelets before, I did not want to hold back the recycled plastic bracelet from you :)


Recycled Plastic Bracelet (PULSERA PLASTICO RECICLADO DIY) (Spanish)
via: Bracelet with Recycled Plastic

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