Felt and Bead StarsFelt and Bead Stars

petunia Felt and Bead Stars

Cute, the felt and bead stars, aren’t they? :)
You can make actually easily an Advent calendar from.


Felt and Bead Stars (tutorial: guiding stars *** tutorial: estrellas que guian) (englisch und spanisch)
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Hot Glue Card

flickr Pavla Hot Glue Card

In the detailed instruction is said that you can use any 3D medium and because I have already presented hot glue ideas for similar things I have called the card hot glue card :)


Hot Glue Card (Tutorial for my 3D technique) (photo tutorial)
More precise explanation about the making and the medium in the blog entry ‘3D-effect painting tutorial’, scroll down to ‘Note on supplies’.

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Crocheted LED Light Rug

BautaWitch Crocheted LED Light Rug

This is about the good idea of a crocheted LED light rug, not about the cat ;-)
It works just like the clothesline crochet :)


Crocheted LED Light Rug (DIY – Virkad matta med ljusslinga) (Swedish and English)
=> for English instruction scroll down to ‘Crochet rug with a rope of light made by BautaWitch (US)’
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