Dried Flowers Candle

Swiece Osobiste Dried Flowers Candle

I have already presented the candle with pressed flowers, but I find that the dried flowers candle goes a step further with its rose buds :)


Dried Flowers Candle (Świece Osobiste – Aneta Szuniewicz)
=> presentation of many different dried flowers candles, the picture here comes from Identyfikator: 641
via: Decoupage A Candle With Dried Flowers

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Candle with Pressed Flowers

Stencil and Watercolour Wall Art

Cutting Edge Stencils Stencil and Watercolour Wall Art

Do you remember the watercolour stencil deer picture?
The stencil and watercolour wall art is made in the same way, I only present it to show how different (beautiful :)) the results can look :)


Stencil and Watercolour Wall Art (Fill Your Walls With Artwork Stenciled By You!)

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Watercolour Stencil Wall Art