Christmas Tree with Circles

Retro Realty Cardboard Christmas Tree with Circles

I find the Christmas tree with circles – interesting! ;-)
Sure, and something different for a change, even from the one cardboard Christmas tree and the other cardboard Christmas tree :)
And yet it’s from 1958!


Christmas Tree with Circles (DIY Retro Christmas Crafts)
=> scroll down to ‘Open Circle Tree Centerpiece (1958)’
via: Discover ideas about Christmas Graphic Design

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Cardboard Christmas Tree
Cardboard Christmas Tree

Tissue Paper Christmas Cards

Art Projects for Kids Tissue Paper Christmas Cards

Cute, the tissue paper Christmas cards, aren’t they?
Actually just as the other ideas with tissue paper :)


Tissue Paper Christmas Cards (Bleeding Tissue Paper Art)
via: Tissue Paper Crafts: 50 DIY Ideas You Can Make With the Kids
=> scroll down to ‘Did you know that you can also create artworks by melting tissue paper?’

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Colourful Bowls

Pillar Box Blue Colourful Bowls

I find the colourful bowls great!
They are meant as planters for succulents, but I’d like them as well for candies or other odds and ends :)


Colourful Bowls (How To Make Repurposed Planters For Succulents)

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