Pistachio Jewelry

Kittenhood Pistachio Jewelry

Doesn’t the pistachio jewelry look amazing! :)

And from the rest of the pistachios you can make yourself a pistachio shells bowl ;-)


Pistachio Jewelry (3 DIY jewelry ideas using pistachio shells & nail polish)
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Here at unikatissima:
Pistachio Shells Bowl

Textured Faux Milk Glass

JADERBOMB Textured Faux Milk Glass

The textured faux milk glass is something similar to – and as beautiful as :) – the painted vase, the coloured cookie plate, the faux ceramic and milk glass vases and the coloured vases :)


Textured Faux Milk Glass (How to make faux milk glass : Tutorial)
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Here at unikatissima:
Painted Vase
Coloured Cookie Plate
Faux Ceramic and Milk Glass Vases
Coloured Vases