Embroidered Mandala

instructables Louissia Embroidered Mandala

I have already presented several mandalas, but not yet an embroidered mandala :)
This here is made with machine embroidery and laser-cut wood, but I imagine that a hand embroidered mandala with cardboard frame would look as beautiful :)


Embroidered Mandala (Rainbow Mandala Embroidery)

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Crochet CD Mandala

flickr Cristina Vasconcellos Crochet CD Mandala

These crochet CD mandalas are not a new idea, but I find them nice :)
If you can’t or don’t want to crochet try the beaded stars on CDs.


Crochet CD Mandala (Mandala de crochet em CD reciclado – Efeito do reflexo do sol na parede) (portugiesisch und englisch)
=> not a tutorial, ‘simply’ multicoloured crochet motifs on a CD
via: mandala over a cd

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