Crocheted Soup Bowl Heat Protection

Amy B Stitched Crocheted Soup Bowl Heat Protection

Ok, slowly comes the time for Gazpacho where you don’t need a crocheted soup bowl heat protection, but when the crochet is finished there will be time for pumpkin soup again ;-)
Great idea, isn’t it? :)


Crocheted Soup Bowl Heat Protection (Bowl Cozy/Hot Pad FREE Crochet Pattern)
via: Bowl Cozy Hot Pad

English Wikipedia entry for ‘Gazpacho’
German Wikipedia entry for ‘Gazpacho’

Decorative Jar Lids Letters

Café largo de ideas Decorative Jar Lids Letters

I find the jar lids letters decorative :)
Although I’d even crochet the ‘doilies’ :)


Decorative Jar Lids Letters (idea para reciclar las tapas de los botes de conserva) (Spanish)
via: Family Crafting Project: Recycling Jar Lids Into Art!

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