Crocheted Hats

I always wanted to crochet hats, not the beret-like but really hats (although I never ever wear hats ;-))
Then I found the Yarn Lover’s Room with so many interesting crochet and knitting patterns.
They also have a so-called Antique Room with crochet and knitting vintage patterns.
There I found eventually the Antique Hat Patterns.
I did not yet find time to crochet them (in fact, I don’t know what to do with them when I ever find time and finish them ;-))
But I loved to bookmark them – just in case!

Yarn Lover’s Room: The name says ist all
Crochet Patterns
Knitting Patterns

Antique Room: Vintage crochet and knitting patterns
Vintage crochet patterns
Vintage knitting patterns

Antique Hat Patterns