T-Shirt Beads Necklace

flickr Maryse Coziol T-Shirt Beads Necklace

I like the t-shirt beads necklace :)
And you can make much more with t-shirts and make fabric beads in other ways.


T-Shirt Beads Necklace (Fabric necklace tutorial – 1)

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Fabric Necklace

EverythingEtsy Fabric Necklace

This fabric necklace is made with so-called ‘fabric scrapbook stickers’, that seem to be fabric elements that you can tape into scrapbooks.
However, I am sure that you can also cobble together yourself such a cute necklace :)


Fabric Necklace (Simple Bloom Necklace Tutorial {DIY Gift})
via: Scrapbook Fabric and Felt Sticker Necklace Tutorial