Laminated Flower Earrings

Journey into Creativity Laminated Flower Earrings

And when there are real flowers again you can make laminated flower earrings from them :)
If you don’t want to laminate, take a look again at the fresh flower ring, the fresh flower jewelry and the polymer clay ear flower!


Laminated Flower Earrings (Laminated real flower earrings) (Greek)

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Fresh Flower Ring
Fresh Flower Jewelry
Polymer Clay Ear Flower

Paper Necklace Pendant

Interweave Ann Martin Paper Necklace Pendant

I find quilled stuff beautiful in any case, but I find the paper necklace pendant most beautiful! :)


Paper Necklace Pendant (On a Roll: Learn the Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry with Author Ann Martin plus a FREE Project)
via: Paper Flower Pendant

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