Bees Drinking Trough

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If it gets too hot you can offer a bees drinking trough to bees and other insects – and you can simply use the caps of plastic bottles :)
Important: fill the plastic bottle caps only with water, not with sugar or honey water!

Thanks, Brigitte, for the tip!


Bees Drinking Trough (Bienentränke) (German)

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Orange Peel Box

Journey into Creativity Orange Box

This here is another beautiful orange peel box after the orange peel tea pot, the orange peel box and the orange peel box II.
Additionally I have already presented the oil lamp from orange and the embellished oranges for you to make yourself.
So you are now prepared for the next oranges season ;-)


Orange Peel Box (Orange jewellery box) (Greek)
via: Orange Jewelry Box

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Toilet Paper Roll Rose

Accents and Petals Toilet Paper Roll Rose

Wow, the toilet paper roll rose looks nearly real :)
Impressing what you can make roses from!


Toilet Paper Roll Rose (DIY: How To Make Roses Using Empty Toilet Tissue Tubes)

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