Crochet Flower Rug

Agulhas e Pinceis Crochet Flower Rug

I like the crochet flower rug (amongst others!), because it is so dense: holes between the flowers have simply been filled with crocheted leaves :)


Crochet Flower Rug (Tapete croche barbante) (Portuguese)
=> this is not a tutorial, rather an inspiration
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Embroidery Hoop with Pressed Flowers

LilyArdor Embroidery Hoop with Pressed Flowers

Isn’t the embroidery hoop with pressed flowers nice? :)
However I think that I would prefer to make another letter like an ‘u’ e.g. ;-)


Embroidery Hoop with Pressed Flowers (Pressed Floral Hoops)
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Embroidered Leaf

NeedlenThread Embroidered Leaf

One day I will engage again in embroidery and then I will make such an embroidered leaf :)
And by the way, these embroidered leaves look completely different ;-)


Embroidered Leaf (Long and Short Stitch Shading Lesson 6: A Simple Leaf)

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Lavender Votive

Adventures In Making Lavender Votive

Do you remember the lavender candles?
The lavender votive is similar, but I find it with the lavender twigs at the sides even nicer :)


Lavender Votive (DIY: Pressed Herb Candles)
via: Handmade Gifts that Anyone Can Make! – DIY Pressed Herb Candles by Adventures in Making
via: 20 Homemade Candle Ideas – DIY Candle Gift

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