Crochet Flower Rug

Agulhas e Pinceis Crochet Flower Rug

I like the crochet flower rug (amongst others!), because it is so dense: holes between the flowers have simply been filled with crocheted leaves :)


Crochet Flower Rug (Tapete croche barbante) (Portuguese)
=> this is not a tutorial, rather an inspiration
via: rug *LOVE*

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Chandelier Planter

instructables TeriM2 Chandelier Planter

I have already presented a lot about ‘chandeliers’ and about ‘planters’ and now comes the … chandelier planter! ;-)


Chandelier Planter

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Crocheted Flower Bag

Schachenmayr Crocheted Flower Bag

Here is Summer, the crocheted flower bag fits this greatly :)
And if you do not like it (very much), you can find more crocheted bags here in the blog :)


Crocheted Flower Bag (Colorful Flower Bag, S9023) (English and German)

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