Junk Lamp to Bird Bath

Chic Cottage Junk Lamp to Bird Bath

From junk lamp to bird bath – quite simple.
And they look chic, don’t they? :)


Junk Lamp to Bird Bath (Turn an Old Lamp into a Bird Bath by adding a bowl on top from Chic Cottage Junk…)
=> scroll down to Lamp birdbaths lined up before going to the craft fair!
via: 20+ of the BEST Upcycled Furniture Ideas!

Tie Dyed Fabric Jewelry

Dollar Store Crafts Tie Dyed Fabric Jewelry

I find the tie dyed fabric jewelry very nice – and it is even hand-dyed!
This means that you can dye it after your taste :)


Tie Dyed Fabric Jewelry (Tutorial: Tie Dyed Fabric Jewelry)

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