Fabric Coil Coasters

Two Shades of Pink Fabric Coil Coasters

These fabric coil coasters are really nice, aren’t they?
The coils are glued, but of course you can also clothesline sew them.


Fabric Coil Coasters (Fabric Coil Coasters : I ♥ Green!)
via: Fabric Coil Coasters Tutorial

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Clothesline Sewing – A Fabric Bowl

Erosion Bundle for Mixed Media Art

ArtClubBlog Erosion Bundle for Mixed Media Art

What an interesting idea: for the erosion bundle for mixed media art she buries a lot of stuff for some time and looks what happens.
I find that the results are great for mixed media art :)
And she writes that she didn’t find any critters when digging up the bundle – that’s important for some people ;-)


Erosion Bundle for Mixed Media Art (Erosion Bundle Halloween Crafts)