Paper Beads Machine

youtube Heather Boyd Wire Paper Beads Machine

I have presented the paper beads roller before, but I find the paper beads machine even better :)


Paper Beads Machine (Make your own Machine to create Rolled Paper Beads Tutorial) (video)
via: Make your own machine to create rolled recycled paper beads. #recycle #DIY #beads

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Paper Beads Roller

Plastic Bottle Flower Lights

Danielles Place Carolyn Warvel Plastic Bottle Flower Lights

I find the plastic bottle flower lights cute! :)

If you don’t like them so much, look again for the plastic bottle lamp, the ping pong ball lights or the plastic bottle light chain ;-)


Plastic Bottle Flower Lights (Recycled Water Bottle Crafts)
=> scroll down to DIY Recycled Water Bottle Flower Patio Lights

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Plastic Bottle Lamp
Ping Pong Ball Lights
Plastic Bottle Light Chain

Ceramic Lid Photo Holder

etsy rustiqueart Ceramic Lid Photo Holder

I really must look for old tea pots and the like, because I find the ceramic lid photo holder chic! :)

If you don’t like it as much, you may want to look for the other photoholders that I have presented before :)


Ceramic Lid Photo Holder (Rustic Ceramic Lid Photo Holder)

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