Typographic Gift Wrap

Man Made DIY Typographic Gift Wrap

This typographic gift wrap is very simple, very plain and really individual :)
And the other gift wraps here in the blog are also nice :)


Typographic Gift Wrap (How To: Make Typographic Gift Wrap)
via: 21 Delightful DIY Gift Wrap Ideas
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Wine Cork Ornament

Sometimes Homemade Wine Cork Ornament

The wine cork ornament is the right Christmas tree ornament for wine lovers :)
And you can find more ideas with corks here for them!

And by the way: today starts the Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2018 :)


Wine Cork Ornament (Wine Cork Ball)

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Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2018

Self-made Chocolate Bark

Suburban Simplicity Self-made Chocolate Bark

This self-made chocolate bark is similar to the colourful candy and is made for Easter, but with other ingredients you can make it also for Valentine’s Day, Advent or simply as gift occasionally, can’t you? :)


Self-made Chocolate Bark (Easter Oreo Bark That’s Super Easy!)
via: Easter Oreo Bark

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