Customized (Wine) Glass

Shrimp Salad Circus Customized Glass

I have already presented other wine glass identifiers, you can even give away these customized (wine) glasses as host’s gifts :)


Customized (Wine) Glass (DIY Custom Wine Glasses – How To-sday)
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Ice Votives

Intimate Weddings Ice Votives

The ice votives are actually the same than the previously presented ice glasses, but these were dyed :)


Ice Votives (DIY Ice Candles Tutorial)
via: DIY Ice Candles Tutorial | Intimate Weddings – Small Wedding Blog – DIY Wedding Ideas for Small and Intimate Weddings – Real Small Weddings

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Colourful Bowls

Pillar Box Blue Colourful Bowls

I find the colourful bowls great!
They are meant as planters for succulents, but I’d like them as well for candies or other odds and ends :)


Colourful Bowls (How To Make Repurposed Planters For Succulents)

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