Polymer Clay Flower Impressions

livemaster Titova Julia Polymer Clay Flower Impressions

The polymer clay flower impressions have been made as pieces of jewelry, but I must say that I find the inter­mediate stage even more beauti­ful with the impressed flowers and the lacerated polymer clay :)
The previously presented nature plaster impressions, the plant plaster wall art, the plaster tiles with leaves and the plaster stamps, because you could use the polymer clay flower impressions also as stamps, testify to that.


Polymer Clay Flower Impressions (МК оттиски растений и создание украшений с ними) (Russian)

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Nature Plaster Impressions
Plant Plaster Wall Art
Plaster Tiles with Leaves
Plaster Stamps

Bike Wheel Trellis

instructables bekbek Bike Wheel Trellis

After the bike wheels garden fence and the bike garden gate I am eager to also present you the bike wheel trellis :)


Bike Wheel Trellis (Training Wheels: Bike Wheel Trellis With Espalier Apple Tree)
via: Wheel trellis.
via: DIY Bicycle / Bike Outdoor Trellis Design – Creative Assortment of Wheels as Trellis

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Bike Wheels Garden Fence
Bike Garden Gate

Skein Holder

ravelry Kerstin Geiger Skein Holder

When I saw the picture I thought: ‘Wristwarmers for skeins?’ ;-)
No, it is a skein holder to prevent the skein from unraveling and rolling around when you knit it from the center.
By the way, I have presented before how to wind a center pull yarn ball :)


Skein Holder (Yarn Ball Cozy)

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Center Pull Yarn Ball