Escher Lizard Knitting Pattern

ravelry Reena Meijer Drees Escher Lizard Knitting Pattern

I have been so enthusiastic about the Escher like picture yesterday, that I’ve looked for another instruction for something with Escher and ta-daa!: the Escher lizard knitting pattern ;-)
Looks great, doesn’t it? :)


Escher Lizard Knitting Pattern (Escher Lizards)
=> contains the chart for the Escher Lizard Knitting Pattern

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Knitted Sanquhar Gloves

This year there’s no Advent calendar, unfortunately I didn’t manage it.
But perhaps you can find one in the last years Advent calendars that you like and that you haven’t made yet.
Anyway I wish you a good Advent time! :)


TataAndTatao Knitted Sanquhar Gloves

In exchange I looked up these most beautiful knitted Sanquhar gloves for you :)


Knitted Sanquhar Gloves (How to knit a pair of Sanquhar gloves)
via: Sanquhar Gloves (サンカ手袋)