Lantern From Picture Frames

Our Crafty Mom Lantern From Picture Frames

Do you remember the picture frames lamp?
The lantern from picture frames is very similar – and yet different :)
And there’s much more you can do with picture frames :)


Lantern From Picture Frames (DIY Lantern From Dollar Store Frames)
via: DIY Lantern From DollarStore Frames

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Glass Bottle Candle Holders

HomeCrux Glass Bottle Candle Holders

The glass bottle candle holders are meant to be a fall decoration, but you could as well make them an ‘Advent wreath’! :)


Glass Bottle Candle Holders (Easy DIY thanksgiving decor ideas for your home)
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via: 7 Ideas to Decorate Glass Bottles for Home Decor – DIY Glass Bottle Candles:

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Paper Cut Votives

Marie Claire Paper Cut Votives

Aren’t the paper cut votives most beautiful?
Just the right thing when the dark season comes.
But also look again at the other paper cut votives :)


Paper Cut Votives (Des boules de Noël, photophores en papier découpé) (French)

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