Colourful Dessert Bowls

Aww Sam Colourful Dessert Bowls

In my opinion the colourful dessert bowls are not as healthy as she says, but at least as cheerful :)
They are made in a similar way as the chocolate bowl.
I’d found the lacy chocolate bowls great as complement :)


Colourful Dessert Bowls (4 Ways To Take Your Breakfast Cereal To Another Level)
via: 4 Ways To Do Breakfast Cereal

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Chocolate Bowl
Lacy Chocolate Bowls

Plaster Decorated Easter Eggs

Modern Masters Plaster Decorated Easter Eggs

Do you remember the gold decorated eggs?
They’ve been embellished with white glue, but apparently you can make the same thing with plaster: plaster decorated Easter eggs.


Plaster Decorated Easter Eggs (Holiday DIY: Embossed Easter Egg)

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Gold Decorated Eggs
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Hand Lettering on Easter Eggs

Simple as That Hand Lettering on Easter Eggs

I didn’t know the term ‘hand lettering’ yet, it means drawing letters by hand.
And I like this hand lettering on Easter eggs very much – even without Easter eggs ;-)


Hand Lettering on Easter Eggs (Easter Egg Lettering)
via: Typography Fun: Easter Egg Lettering
via: Wir lieben Handlettering für Ostereier!