Self-made Arcimboldo Portraits

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Self-made Arcimboldo portraits!
I always liked Arcimboldo, but would never have had the idea of making this myself.
Well, and it looks really great, doesn’t it? :)

Should you be of a different opinion, take a look at the chocolate painting, the edible masterpieces, the comic cookies and the impressionism cookies :)


Self-made Arcimboldo Portraits (Edible Portraits)
English Wikipedia entry for ‘Arcimboldo’
German Wikipedia entry for ‘Arcimboldo’

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Easter Eggs from Chocolate Lace

SheKnows Sandra Denneler Easter Eggs from Chocolate Lace

The Easter eggs from chocolate lace make me think of the edible Easter egg nests, but are made more in the way of the lacy chocolate bowls.


Easter Eggs from Chocolate Lace (No One Will Believe You DIY’d These Fancy Hollow Chocolate Easter Eggs)
The picture is from page 2 of the tutorial.

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