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etsy TypewriterBoneyard Book Lamp

I have presented a book lamp in the post recycle books before, it has been quite different from this book lamp – but just as beautiful :)


Book Lamp (Hardback Book Lamp – Inkblot Perception & Personality)
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via: Hardback Book Lamp

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Christmas Book Advent Calendar

instructables ThePrudentPantry Christmas Book Advent Calendar

I find the Christmas book Advent calendar also a nice idea: put for every day a Christmas book into the Advent calendar and read it to others or read it together :)
If you prefer to gift a ‘read yourself Advent calendar’, check out my Advent calendar compilation at ‘Story Advent calendar’ :)


Christmas Book Advent Calendar (Christmas Book Advent Calendar)

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Advent Calendar
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Artist Book from Greeting Cards

youtube jennibellie Artist Book from Greeting Cards

You take for the artist book from greeting cards old greeting cards, paint and embellish them and make an artist book from. Great! :)


Artist Book from Greeting Cards (Make an Art Journal By Recycling Greetings Cards: Tutorial Part I) (video)
via: Making a Journal from Greetings Cards Tutorials are Done!
via: Making a Journal from Greetings Cards Tutorials…

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