Paper Votive

youtube NeoSpica Paper Structures Paper Votive

Isn’t this a most beautiful paper votive?! :)
But only for tealights without fire!
So rather a lampshade then :)


Paper Votive (Tutorial 23 – Modular Spiral-twisted (Decor or lamp) Paper Cut) (video without words)

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Lavender Votive

Adventures In Making Lavender Votive

Do you remember the lavender candles?
The lavender votive is similar, but I find it with the lavender twigs at the sides even nicer :)


Lavender Votive (DIY: Pressed Herb Candles)
via: Handmade Gifts that Anyone Can Make! – DIY Pressed Herb Candles by Adventures in Making
via: 20 Homemade Candle Ideas – DIY Candle Gift

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