Book Lamp

etsy TypewriterBoneyard Book Lamp

I have presented a book lamp in the post recycle books before, it has been quite different from this book lamp – but just as beautiful :)


Book Lamp (Hardback Book Lamp – Inkblot Perception & Personality)
=> not an instruction
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via: Hardback Book Lamp

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Toilet Paper Roll Lampshade

Revolutionaries Market Toilet Paper Roll Lampshade

Toilet paper roll lampshade is a long name for a (as I find) really nice ‘thingy’ made from toilet paper tubes :)
However I wouldn’t make it with a candle but with a glass lampshade.

Actually you should also be able to make it as votive, don’t you?


Toilet Paper Roll Lampshade (Christmas Candle Redo)
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Corrugated Cardboard Lampshade

Tutticarton Corrugated Cardboard Lampshade

Isn’t this a great idea with the corrugated cardboard lampshade?!

I find it much more beautiful than the corrugated cardboard lamp ;-)


Corrugated Cardboard Lampshade (Lustre Coupole dentelle de carton) (French)
=> this is not a tutorial but an inspiration

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Corrugated Cardboard Lamp