Plastic Bottle Flower Lights

Danielles Place Carolyn Warvel Plastic Bottle Flower Lights

I find the plastic bottle flower lights cute! :)

If you don’t like them so much, look again for the plastic bottle lamp, the ping pong ball lights or the plastic bottle light chain ;-)


Plastic Bottle Flower Lights (Recycled Water Bottle Crafts)
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Plastic Bottle Lamp
Ping Pong Ball Lights
Plastic Bottle Light Chain

Light Bulb Mini Lamp

instructables Utkarsh Amitabh Srivastava Light Bulb Mini Lamp

I have already presented several things made with light bulbs, but if you still have one you can make such a cute light bulb mini lamp :)
By the way, the second one was made with an ink jar.


Light Bulb Mini Lamp (The Light Pot Mini Lamp)

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