Flavoured Ice Cubes

Lets Mingle Flavoured Ice Cubes

Flavoured ice cubes aren’t an April Fool’s joke – but yummy :)
And if they interest you, then maybe also the floral ice cubes, the flower ice and the frozen herbs in oil ;-)


Flavoured Ice Cubes (Flavored Ice Cubes)
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Floral Ice Cubes
Flower Ice
Frozen Herbs in Oil

Laminated Flower Earrings

Journey into Creativity Laminated Flower Earrings

And when there are real flowers again you can make laminated flower earrings from them :)
If you don’t want to laminate, take a look again at the fresh flower ring, the fresh flower jewelry and the polymer clay ear flower!


Laminated Flower Earrings (Laminated real flower earrings) (Greek)

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Fresh Flower Ring
Fresh Flower Jewelry
Polymer Clay Ear Flower

Flowers Wall Art

Hearth and Vine Flowers Wall Art

The flowers wall art is made with dried flowers, but I think that it would also look nice with artificial flowers, especially as long as there are no real flowers yet out there :)
And you may take a look again at the previously presented stuff on the topic of ‘flowers and wall art’ ;-)


Flowers Wall Art (Framed Dried Flowers Makes an Amazing Piece of Art)
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