Perler Beads Lampshade

HAMA perler Perler Beads Lampshade

Actually perler beads are not my cup of tea, but I find this perler beads lampshade amusing – although I surely would use different colours :)


The original site showed a database error, but it is available through webarchive: Perler Beads Lampshade (Sy en lampe af Hama perler) (Danish)
via: Discover ideas about Pearler Bead Patterns

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Bead Embroidered Whale Brooch

BeadsMagic Bead Embroidered Whale Brooch

Cute, the bead embroidered whale brooch, isn’t it? :)
Remembers me of the wire and beads fish ornament :)


Bead Embroidered Whale Brooch (Bead embroidery tutorial for a brooch Blue Whale)

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Wire and Beads Fish Ornament

Beaded Daisy Earrings

youtube Sonysree Creations Beaded Daisy Earrings

Nice, the beaded Daisy earrings, aren’t they? They would match fine the beaded Daisy chevron necklace and the beaded Daisy chain :)


Beaded Daisy Earrings (Daisy Vine Earrings. DIY Beaded Earrings. How to make beaded earrings.)

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Beaded Daisy Chevron Necklace
Beaded Daisy Chains