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I have already presented several beaded beads, but I love to see over and over again how beaded beads are made :)


Beaded Beads (МК по оплетению бусин 14-15 мм Деликой (Осторожно, много фото!)) (Russian)
=> Google translation of the title: MK on braided beads 14-15 mm Delica (Beware, a lot of photos!)
via: МК по оплетению бусин 14-15 мм Деликой (Осторожно, много фото!) | – всё о бисере и бисерном творчестве

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Peyote Triangle Stitch

LiriGal Peyote Triangle Stitch

I’ve presented the Peyote triangle bracelet before, the Peyote triangle would be a fine match :)


Instruction: Peyote Triangle Stitch (Triangle Peyote Stitch.Beading Technique.Beading Tutorials.Free Patterns) (englisch)
Picture: Turquoise Amulet

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Peyote Triangle Bracelet