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I have already presented several beaded beads, but I love to see over and over again how beaded beads are made :)


Beaded Beads (МК по оплетению бусин 14-15 мм Деликой (Осторожно, много фото!)) (Russian)
=> Google translation of the title: MK on braided beads 14-15 mm Delica (Beware, a lot of photos!)
via: МК по оплетению бусин 14-15 мм Деликой (Осторожно, много фото!) | – всё о бисере и бисерном творчестве

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Beaded Beads

Beading by Malin de Koning Beaded Beads

I presented some beaded beads before, and I like these beaded beads here, too.
They are similar to my Peyote medaillon beads ;-)


Tutorial – Beaded Beads by Malin de Koning

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Peyote Medaillon Beads

Peyote Medaillon Beads

unikatissima Peyote Medaillon Beads

While surfing the internet I found this necklace and found it amazing.
I thought that it should be easy to made: you make the mdedaillons with flat round Peyote (see links below) just as for the bottom of the beaded bottle, but then you work the pattern back again.
This way you get a slightly thicker medaillon in place of a flat disk.

Unfortunately I’m not so good concerning colours and so I’m not really satisfied with my own medaillon (see photo).
Perhaps I should have printed and coloured in one of the graphs (see links below) to use this as template?!
One day I really will do this ;-)

Tutorials for flat round Peyote and graphs:
Flat Round Peyote Stitch Step by Step Tutorial (English) – tutorial
Flat Round Peyote Stitch – Beading Graph Paper (English) – graph

Hexagonal Flat Peyote Worked In Rounds (English) – tutorial and graph

Rundes Peyote mit variabler Perlenanzahl (German) – tutorial, click there on ‘Rund-Peyote’

Google search result for ‘flat round peyote’
Google image search result for ‘flat round peyote’

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