Silhouette String Art

etsy FORTHELOVECO Silhouette String Art

I have already presented some string art stuff, this is the first silhouette string art, thus “negative” string art like the positive-negative card ;-)


Silhouette String Art (Tree Silhouette String Art)
via: 30 Creative Diy String Art Ideas
=> no tutorial

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Positive-Negative Card
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Tablet Weaving

instructables Manj_who Tablet Weaving

I have written about tablet or card weaving before more than 10 years ago (wow! ;-)) and presented before a simple loom for card weaving, I found that it’s time for another instruction for tablet weaving ;-)
Enjoy it! :)


Tablet Weaving (Patterns on a Portable Loom)

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Tablet or Card Weaving
Simple Loom for Card Weaving

Macramé Vest

youtube Evgenia Garcia Macrame Vest

Do you remember the macramé vest from recycled t-shirts and the
macramé top?
The macramé vest goes even further and is made completely with macramé :)


Macramé Vest (Macrame vest. Fun & positive) (video)
=> the name of the used knots is mentioned in the comments: “I used double half hitch knots and square knots for this pattern.”

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Macramé Vest from Recycled T-Shirts
Macramé Top