Tablet Weaving

instructables Manj_who Tablet Weaving

I have written about tablet or card weaving before more than 10 years ago (wow! ;-)) and presented before a simple loom for card weaving, I found that it’s time for another instruction for tablet weaving ;-)
Enjoy it! :)


Tablet Weaving (Patterns on a Portable Loom)

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Friendship Bracelet Pattern Design

friendship-bracelets_net Friendship Bracelet Pattern Design

Friendship bracelet pattern design is a pattern planner like the Kumihimo pattern planner and the mosaic knitting pattern generator, but works on paper like the Celtic knot planner.
Take also a look again at the other generators, especially my generators ;-)


Friendship Bracelet Pattern Design ((( How to… )) Design Bracelet Patterns)

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Incorporate Shapes in Weaving

Cowcumbers Studio Shannon Donovan Incorporate Shapes in Weaving

I find it an interesting idea to incorporate shapes in weaving!
This shape here is from porcelain but it should work as well with a shape from hot glue, don’t you think?


Incorporate Shapes in Weaving (Making geology, and better weaving)
=> only inspiration

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