Random Choice Generator

TextFixer Random Choice Generator

Especially in Advent one must make many small decisions, e.g. should I knit my sweater, clean the kitchen or nap a little?
As you can see the random choice generator can help you with this ;-))


Random Choice Generator
=> Setting ‘Items are on seperate lines’ and enter one option per line

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Polygon Box Template Generator

Template Maker Polygon Box Template Generator

Do you remember the custom card box?
The polygon box template generator also provides templates for custom boxes, but in different shapes :)
Thanks, Scott!


Polygon Box Template Generator (Polygon-shaped box) (English)
Polygon Box Template Generator (Polygon-shaped box) (German)

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Custom Card Box

Planned Pooling for Knitting

Planned Pooling for Knitting

If you have yarns with colour changes you won’t know how the knitted item will look.
The little programm for the planned pooling for knitting helps you to get an idea, you only have to fill in the number of stitches per row and per colour and if you knit in rows or in rounds.
Great! :))


Planned Pooling for Knitting (Planned Pooling)

Random Stripes Generator

Biscuits and Jam Random Stripes Generator

I have presented before a random stripes generator under organic stripes which unfortunately doesn’t exist any more.
Luckily there are now two new ones, the random stripes generator and the weighted random stripes generator where you can enter amounts :)


Random Stripes Generator (Random Stripe Generator)
Weighted Random Stripes Generator (Random Stripe Generator (Weighted))

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Organic Stripes

Crochet + Knitting for Geeks

Verena Kuni Ha3k3ln + Str1ck3n fuer Geeks

By the way, did I mention already that my pattern generators (maze pattern generator, cellular automaton and random squares pattern generator) have been mentioned in a book? :))

I’ve read it and I also had fun with the rest of the book ;-)
I liked especially the (here already presented ;-)) crocheted hyperbolic planes and freeform work, knit-covered (computer)cords (similar to filled i-cord), yarn bombing and the secure password input, but also mobius shawls, klein bottle hats, hacked knitting machines and much more.

That reminds me, as I understand it ‘geeks’ are people who are not only superficially interested in a subject ;-)

See best for yourself, you can find more about as well as at the publishing house (O’Reilly) as well as at Amazon.de (Häkeln + Stricken für Geeks (book)und Häkeln + Stricken für Geeks (kindle));-)



Häkeln + Stricken für Geeks (HA3K3LN + STR1CK3N für Geeks) (German)
Verena Kuni Ha3k3ln + Str1ck3n fuer Geeks Verena Kuni Ha3k3ln + Str1ck3n fuer Geeks Verena Kuni Ha3k3ln + Str1ck3n fuer Geeks
book at O’Reilly book at Amazon.de kindle at Amazon.de

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Maze Pattern Generator
Pattern Generator (Cellular Automaton)
Random Squares Pattern Generator
TED Talk: Nature, Crochet and Geometry
Freeform Needlework
Clothesline Knitting or Filled I-cord
Yarn Bomb a Chair
Enter Passwords Securely