Crochet + Knitting for Geeks

Verena Kuni Ha3k3ln + Str1ck3n fuer Geeks

By the way, did I mention already that my pattern generators (maze pattern generator, cellular automaton and random squares pattern generator) have been mentioned in a book? :))

I’ve read it and I also had fun with the rest of the book ;-)
I liked especially the (here already presented ;-)) crocheted hyperbolic planes and freeform work, knit-covered (computer)cords (similar to filled i-cord), yarn bombing and the secure password input, but also mobius shawls, klein bottle hats, hacked knitting machines and much more.

That reminds me, as I understand it ‘geeks’ are people who are not only superficially interested in a subject ;-)

See best for yourself, you can find more about as well as at the publishing house (O’Reilly) as well as at (Häkeln + Stricken für Geeks (book)und Häkeln + Stricken für Geeks (kindle));-)



Häkeln + Stricken für Geeks (HA3K3LN + STR1CK3N für Geeks) (German)
Verena Kuni Ha3k3ln + Str1ck3n fuer Geeks Verena Kuni Ha3k3ln + Str1ck3n fuer Geeks Verena Kuni Ha3k3ln + Str1ck3n fuer Geeks
book at O’Reilly book at kindle at

Here at unikatissima:
Maze Pattern Generator
Pattern Generator (Cellular Automaton)
Random Squares Pattern Generator
TED Talk: Nature, Crochet and Geometry
Freeform Needlework
Clothesline Knitting or Filled I-cord
Yarn Bomb a Chair
Enter Passwords Securely

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