Freeform Needlework

Freeform Needlework

I enjoy working freeform, that means that I don’t know how the crafted item will look in the end.
Although the choice of materials gives me a pretty good idea about the general appearance ;-)

One amazing application for freeform is needlework, just freeform crochet or freeform knitting, but I prefer doing both on the same item.

Once I wrote a (german) tutorial that can be found at creadoo: Faszinierendes Freeform.
A very good english tutorial can be found at while clicking on ‘what is freeform’ in the navigation list.

creadoo: A german craft community
Faszinierendes Freeform: A (german) tutorial on freeform needlework – A website dedicated to freeform crochet
An english freeform tutorial can be reached by clicking on ‘what is freeform’ in the navigation list

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