Leftover Needlework

Leftover Needlework

I have a lot of yarn and thread rests, some of them quite short and I had no idea, what to do with them (except Freeform needlework as a matter of course ;-)).
And then one day I found an article about the ‘Magic ball’ an article about the ‘Magic ball’ and decided that this is it ;-)
In the bottom line it’s nothing else then taking your short threads and knotting them together (with a weaver’s knot e.g.) to get a long enough thread to knit or crochet or what ever you want to do.
On the photo you see three tests I did: On the item above I simply knotted different strings into a long thread and crocheted. It were quite short strings.
For the item below left I took two skeins of yarn, one green and one rose. I knitted with two threads and knotted them so, that I began working with 2 greens, then a green and a rose, then 2 rose, a green and a rose again and back to 2 greens. That way I got a kind of blend between the two colours.
The item below right is made in the same way, but with one light green and one dark green.

I’m sure that I will get back to this technique again.

Make your own magic using knotted yarn leftovers: the link isn’t available no more.

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  1. Hallo Susann

    schau doch bitte mal auf meinem blog,
    ich habe einen Award für dich.
    Deine Seite finde ich einfach toll,
    da man hier zu fast jedem Thema was finden kann.


  2. Hallo Susann!
    Also ich hab ja auch schon vieles gemacht und ausprobiert; aber ich staune, was es noch alles gibt!!(z.B. die versch. umwickelten Steine…)
    Einfach toll, deine Seite!

    Liebe Grüsse, Evelyn!

  3. Dank Dir schön, Evelyn :)

    Deine Taschen gefallen mir gut, ich wünschte, da hätte ich die Geduld dafür ;-)

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