Freeform Polymer Clay Bangle

youtube archidee Freeform Polymer Clay Bangle

While I was happily looking for freeform I also found this freeform polymer clay bangle. Nice, isn’t it? :)


Freeform Polymer Clay Bangle (Polymer Clay Tutorial | DIY Bangle | Frida Bracelet | ENG) (video)

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Wire and Beads Owl Earrings

Poe gyongyei Wire and Beads Owl Earrings

Do you remember the wire and beads cat?
The wire and beads owl earrings look quite similar ;-)
I like all three :)


Wire and Beads Owl Earrings (Bagoly pár) (Hungarian)
via: Fun Wire Wrapped Owl Jewelry Tutorials

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Wire and Beads Cat

Bead Embroidered Whale Brooch

BeadsMagic Bead Embroidered Whale Brooch

Cute, the bead embroidered whale brooch, isn’t it? :)
Remembers me of the wire and beads fish ornament :)


Bead Embroidered Whale Brooch (Bead embroidery tutorial for a brooch Blue Whale)

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Wire and Beads Fish Ornament

Polymer Clay Feathers

The Gilded Hare Polymer Clay Feathers

I have presented polymer clay feathers before, these polymer clay feathers here are more ‘feathery’ – and in another way as nice :)


Polymer Clay Feathers (diy clay feathers)
via: DIY Clay Feather Pendants

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Polymer Clay Feather