Paisley Kanzashi Hair Accessory

StylEnrich Paisley Kanzashi Hair Accessory

I have presented before a little Kanzashi flower and a couple of entries with Paisleys, but I find this Paisley Kanzashi hair accessory something very special :)


Paisley Kanzashi Hair Accessory (How to Make Beautiful Beaded Wedding Hair Accessories?)
via: Kanzashi Hair Accessories

Here at unikatissima:
Kanzashi Flowers
Beitr├Ąge mit dem Stichwort ‘Paisley’

Beaded Double Chevron Necklace

Inspirational Beading Beaded Double Chevron Necklace

Recently I have presented the beaded daisy chevron necklace.
The beaded double chevron necklace is very similar, but ‘two storied’ – and I find it as beautiful :)


Beaded Double Chevron Necklace (Tutorial: Curved Double Chevron Chain for Collars)

Here at unikatissima:
Beaded Daisy Chevron Necklace