Stamp Wall Art

twitter Anne-Marie Stijelja Stamp Wall Art

I find this stamp wall art with stamps and a picture of the Queen a nice inspiration, because you can make something similar greatly with flowers, too!? :)


Stamp Wall Art (Anne-Marie Stijelja)
via: UK artist puts impressive Queen Elizabeth II stamp art on display

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Book Chair

flickr Bob Travis Book Chair

I like the book chair.
It matches the book bench, the book side table, one or the other book lamp, the book vase, the book clock, the book coat hooks and everything else with books that I have presented before ;-)


Book Chair (The Book Chair)
via: Upcycled: New Uses for Old Chairs – Upcycled book chair
=> no tutorial

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Escher Stripes Art

Sally Shore Fiber Art Escher Stripes Art

Isn’t this Escher stripes art great?!
It must ‘simply’ been made from paper stripes or ribbons.

By the way, I have presented things with Escher already sooner.
And an entry about folded paper strips of equal width ;-)


Escher Stripes Art (Gallery : Ribbon Weaving – MCE Anomalies)

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