Basket Weave Table from Paper

instructables anusha78 Basket Weave Table from Paper

I have presented a newspaper vase and a paper vase before which where made with basket weave, but not yet a whole basket weave table from paper :)


Basket Weave Table from Paper (Newspaper Tube Storage Center Table)

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Woven Newspaper Vase II
Paper Vase

Popsicle Stick Sleds

Clean and Scentsible Popsicle Stick Sleds

Aren’t the popsicle stick sleds cute? :)

If that’s not your cup of tea, take a look at what else to do with popsicles :)


Popsicle Stick Sleds (Handmade Christmas Ornaments – Popsicle Stick Sleds)
via: Handmade Christmas Ornaments – Popsicle Stick Sleds

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Cardboard Christmas Tree

Behance Sabine Fuereder Cardboard Christmas Tree

I have presented a cardboard Christmas tree before and I find this cardboard Christmas tree here even more interesting :)


Cardboard Christmas Tree (Merry Christmas) (without words, photos)
via: Christmas Tree Made of Upcycled Amazon Packaging

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Cardboard Christmas Tree

Glass Bottle Candle Holders

HomeCrux Glass Bottle Candle Holders

The glass bottle candle holders are meant to be a fall decoration, but you could as well make them an ‘Advent wreath’! :)


Glass Bottle Candle Holders (Easy DIY thanksgiving decor ideas for your home)
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via: 7 Ideas to Decorate Glass Bottles for Home Decor – DIY Glass Bottle Candles:

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