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Do you remember the origami vase?
The paper vase is similar – and I find it even a little bit nicer :)
You can find here in the blog also quite different paper vases in the broader sense :)


Paper Vase (Minimal Vase DIY Project from Paper Craft Home)

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Origami Vase
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Nail Polish Bottle Flower Bud Vase

Creme de la Craft Nail Polish Bottle Flower Bud Vase

Cute, the nail polish bottle flower bud vase, isn’t it?
I find it even cuter than the previously presented marbled polymer clay bud vase :)


Nail Polish Bottle Flower Bud Vase (DIY: Flower Bud Vases from Nail Polish Bottles)
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Marbled Polymer Clay Bud Vase

Christmas Ornament Table Decoration

Mamma Papera Christmas Ornament Table Decoration

Recently I have presented the hanging vase from a Christmas ornament, of course you can put it on a table and get a Christmas ornament table decoration this way :)


Christmas Ornament Table Decoration (Decorazioni per la tavola di Natale con tutorial) (Italian)
via: 50 Best DIY Christmas Table Decorations
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Hanging Vase from Ornament

Hanging Vase from Ornament

Creme de la Craft Hanging Vase from Ornament

I have presented already several hanging vases, but none has been a hanging vase from an ornament yet, in fact a Christmas tree ornament :)


Hanging Vase from Ornament (Hanging Vases from Ornaments)
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Polka Dot Jar Vases

Polka Dot Jar Vases

Other than the polka dot jars the polka dot jar vases are covered with paper mache – and I like them even more :)


The original site doesn’t exist any more.
via: Polka Dot Jar Vases (DIY Paper Mache Golden Polka Dot Vases)

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Polka Dot Jars
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Plastic Bottles Vase

Inspired By Charm Plastic Bottles Vase

How nice: simply tie together a couple of plastic bottles and you get a plastic bottles vase :)


Plastic Bottles Vase (Elegant Fall-Inspired Cocktails and DIY Vase)
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via: 3 Unique Plastic Bottles Recycling Ideas For Home Decor: Part 1

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