Plastic Bottle Hanging Vase

Mi Casa Plastic Bottle Hanging Vase

If you can make hanging bottle vases and even hanging vases with beads from glass bottles you can of course make plastic bottle hanging vases from plastic bottles ;-)


Plastic Bottle Hanging Vase (Crea floreros colgantes) (Spanish)
via: DIY Idea – Recycled Bottle Hanging Vases

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Snail Shell Vase

Deavita Snail Shell Vase

You can make vases from a lot of things – and with snail shells also a snail shell vase :)

And take another look about what else to do with snail shells :)


Snail Shell Vase (Basteln mit Schneckenhäusern – 6 einfallsreiche Ideen für Mini Deko) (German)
=> scroll down to ‘Mini Vasen und Blumengefäßen basteln mit Schneckenhäusern’

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