Clothesline Knitting or Filled I-cord

unikatissima Clothesline Knitting

Recently I thought about how to make low-priced purse handles. I wanted to make them from the same yarn that I will use for my purse but I didn’t want to have a simple I-cord because I’m always knitting very loose and the cord gets much to flexible for a purse handle.

Then I thought about the Clothesline Crochet and thought that this must be possible with knitting, too.
It is ;-))

Note: If you don’t know how to knit an I-cord you can find instructions in my Actinia entry in the English tutorial under ‘I-cord’.


That’s what you do:
I choose a thick ready-made cord to cover with knitting.
The number of stitches to cast-on depends on the size of the cord, the yarn and the needles (try it!), in this case I used five stitches.


unikatissima Clothesline Knitting
So, cast-on the stitches, lay the inner cord in (see photo) and knit the first stitch over the inner cord.
The inner cord will be trapped in the stitch.


unikatissima Clothesline Knitting
Then knit simply the rest of the stitches, lay the inner cord a little beside (see photo).


unikatissima Clothesline Knitting
In the next row lay the inner cord again over the left needle to the right of the thread just as in the first photo, knit the first stitch over the inner cord and knit then the other stitches.

Knit in the same way until you reach the desired length.


unikatissima Clothesline Knitting
Somewhere (and I really don’t remember, where) I saw a tutorial where they glued on hairbands to make the purse handles.
I thought that I should be able to knit around the hairbands just as I knitted the inner cord, but it didn’t work.
What however worked was knitting an I-cord and threading the hairband into, so that the hairband is covered and I even have threads to sew the handles onto the purse.

Here at unikatissima:
Tutorial on how to knit an I-cord in the English tutorial in the Actinia entry under ‘I-cord’

8 thoughts on “Clothesline Knitting or Filled I-cord”

  1. Brilliant – just what I was looking for! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Thank you! I had the clothesline/icord pursehandle idea independently, came on line to see if anyone had done it, and here you are! Thanks for the good description. I am going to felt this AFTER knitting the wool yarn over the clothesline. I think. Any thoughts about that? My purse is felted……….

  3. Sue,

    I’d say that it is a great idea to felt it afterwards!
    I can’t because I’m using mostly acrylic yarn which doesn’t felt ;-)

    Have much fun making your purse
    and I’d love to see a photo when you have finished it!

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