Tablet Weaving

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I have written about tablet or card weaving before more than 10 years ago (wow! ;-)) and presented before a simple loom for card weaving, I found that it’s time for another instruction for tablet weaving ;-)
Enjoy it! :)


Tablet Weaving (Patterns on a Portable Loom)

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Hide Ugly Cords

The DIY Homegirl Hide Ugly Cords

A nice idea: hide ugly cords by encasing them for security reasons in tubing and then wrapping the casing with colour-matching cord – that makes them (nearly) invisible :)
If you don’t bother so much about the cables you may want to take a look at the cable holders here in the blog ;-)


Hide Ugly Cords (How to Hide Your Fugly TV Cords)

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Fabric Coil Coasters

Two Shades of Pink Fabric Coil Coasters

These fabric coil coasters are really nice, aren’t they?
The coils are glued, but of course you can also clothesline sew them.


Fabric Coil Coasters (Fabric Coil Coasters : I ♥ Green!)
via: Fabric Coil Coasters Tutorial

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Clothesline Sewing – A Fabric Bowl

Fancy Cutlery

Heart Handmade UK Fancy Cutlery

I find it a great idea to make your fancy cutlery simply yourself from your normal cutlery :)


The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now only available through webarchive: Fancy Cutlery (Simple Styling and Party DIY | Yarn Wrapped Cutlery or Flatware from A Fabulous Fete)
via: Yarn Projects Besides Knitting and Crochet – 3. Yarn wrapped silverware