Braided Scarf

Provo Craft Alicia Underwood Braided Scarf

For the spaghetti scrap scarf the single ‘spaghettis’ have been tied together wildly (that’s been something for freeformers ;-)), here for the braided scarf they are neatly braided, what also looks nice :)


Braided Scarf (Braided Tube Scarf Designed by Alicia Underwood)
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Spaghetti Scrap Scarf
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Coloured Sisal Coaster

Deavita Coloured Sisal Coaster

I like the coloured sisal coaster, because you can add a perfect matching colour dab to a still environment :)

You can surely colour the previously presented sisal box in the same way.


Coloured Sisal Coaster (Basteln für Erwachsene – 55 originelle DIY Deko Ideen) (German)
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Sisal Box