Celtic Knot Key Chain

youtube Guidecentral English Celtic Knot Key Chain

You can make with the instruction instead of this Celtic knot key chain also bracelets, belts and other straps :)


Celtic Knot Key Chain (How To Tie A Celtic Bar For Bracelets Or Belts – DIY Crafts Tutorial – Guidecentral) (video)

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Leather Knot Earrings

DaWanda pikfine Leather Knot Earrings

Nice, the leather knot earrings, aren’t they?

And if you don’t like them very much, take a look at the pipa knot earrings or the knot charm you can make earrings from, or even the macramé swirl earrings or the macramé earrings :)


Leather Knot Earrings (Make Your Own Knotted Leather Earrings) (English)
Leather Knot Earrings (Leder-Ohrringe selber machen) (German)

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Knot Charm
Macramé Swirl Earrings
Macramé Earrings
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Celtic Circle Knot

Free-Macrame-Patterns_com - Celtic Circle Knot

I find this Celtic Circle Knot really beautiful and imagine it depending on the used yarn as an ornament on a card, a pin or a hair decoration.
But I can’t show my own photo yet because my fingers were up until now much too clumsy for it ;-))

And when I have worked it out I can possibly even design my own Celtic Knot ;-)

Celtic Circle Knot

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Cabled ‘O’

unikatissima Cabled O

I was thinking about how to make beautiful curvatures from knitted cables when I found the instruction shortly afterwards :)


unikatissima Cabled O On the photos you can see my try – so it works ;-))

I’m curious about what kind of Celtic Knots I will be able to make now ;-))


Cabled ‘O’ (A new technique for starting closed cables)

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