Basket Weave Table from Paper

instructables anusha78 Basket Weave Table from Paper

I have presented a newspaper vase and a paper vase before which where made with basket weave, but not yet a whole basket weave table from paper :)


Basket Weave Table from Paper (Newspaper Tube Storage Center Table)

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Woven Newspaper Vase II
Paper Vase

Braided Scarf

Provo Craft Alicia Underwood Braided Scarf

For the spaghetti scrap scarf the single ‘spaghettis’ have been tied together wildly (that’s been something for freeformers ;-)), here for the braided scarf they are neatly braided, what also looks nice :)


Braided Scarf (Braided Tube Scarf Designed by Alicia Underwood)
=> instruction in webarchive

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Spaghetti Scrap Scarf
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Plastic Bag Messenger Bag

Teenage Eco Warriors Plastic Bag Messenger Bag

A nice idea: make a messenger bag from mesh and braid colourful plastic bags through and you get a plastic bag messenger bag :)


Plastic Bag Messenger Bag (How to make a plastic bag tote)
=> unfortunately the pictures are not shown any more on the page

Revamped Shirt Sleeve

Handmade with Love Revamped Shirt Sleeve

The instruction is not only about a revamped shirt sleeve, but about a whole t-shirt, but I liked most the sleeve :)

By the way, it makes me think a little bit about the previously presented re-vamped t-shirt.


Revamped Shirt Sleeve (T- Shirt Braiding DIY)
via: Add knot detail for your long sleeves. No sew DIY. Source:

Here at unikatissima:
Re-vamped T-Shirt