Spaghetti Scrap Scarf

Circe Spaghetti Scrap Scarf With I-cords

Again something to use up your stash: the Spaghetti scrap scarf.

In fact it is nothing else than a lot of I-cords that are connected in different ways.
And I find that it looks great! ;-)
There is another Spaghetti scrap scarf, but you can best see how different they can look when checking the ravelry pattern (unfortunately with registering only).

I have already begun to knit I-cords but unfortunately I find it nothing but boring, so I doubt that I will ever make such a Spaghetti scrap scarf.
But who knows? ;-)

Spaghetti scrap scarf ‘recipe’ (Qui aime la pasta?) (French)
Another Spaghetti scrap scarf (Encore une ├ęcharpe avec des i-cords) (French)

First found at ravelry:
Spaghetti scrap scarf (with i-cords)

Here at unikatissima:
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