DIY Photo Silhouette T-Shirt

inhabitots Customized Silhouette T-Shirt

I find the idea to make a photo of your children, to make a silhouette stencil from the photo and then to print it on a t-shirt great – but a too narrow approach ;-):
Why not making a t-shirt with your own name in Japanese?
Or using the silhouette of a well known building (i.e. the Eiffelturm)?
And why only on a t-shirt, why not on a linen bag, a greeting card or quite large on the wall?
And why as a stencil, why not simply as a self-cut stamp?
Or as fabric appliqué?

Well, I really must think about what else can be done this way ;-)
If you have a good idea I’d be happy if you commented about (if not, I’d be happy about a comment, too ;-)).

Make a Customized Silhouette T-Shirt Of Your Kids

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Here at unikatissima:
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Your name in Japanese

Note: I wrote an entry about your name in Japanese but I rescheduled it thoughtlessly to another date because of the World Wide Knit in Public Day 2009 (WWKiP Day).
I’m sorry, it will still take some days (I don’t dare to reschedule everything again ;-().

Now I can offer you the right link to your name in Japanese ;-)
But there you can see it: all hand-made ;-))