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Especially in Advent one must make many small decisions, e.g. should I knit my sweater, clean the kitchen or nap a little?
As you can see the random choice generator can help you with this ;-))


Random Choice Generator
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Knitted Coffee Cozy

ravelry Helen Mathews Knitted Coffee Cozy

Okay, the knitted coffee cozy is actually a knitted beer glass cozy, especially because the stripes show the word ‘beer’ in binary code. But the tutorial contains all letters so that you can knit yourself a coffee cozy with the word ‘coffee’ :)


Knitted Coffee Cozy (Binary Beer Cozy)

Try Your Sweater On Before Knitting

En liten lada full av ull Try Your Sweater On Before Knitting

A great idea: Try your sweater on before knitting.
She has drawn a ‘paper doll’ of herself and simply ‘tried on’ different sweater lengths, necklines and sleeve lengths! :)


Try Your Sweater On Before Knitting (Att prova kläder virtuellt) (Swedish)