Knitted Coffee Cozy

ravelry Helen Mathews Knitted Coffee Cozy

Okay, the knitted coffee cozy is actually a knitted beer glass cozy, especially because the stripes show the word ‘beer’ in binary code. But the tutorial contains all letters so that you can knit yourself a coffee cozy with the word ‘coffee’ :)


Knitted Coffee Cozy (Binary Beer Cozy)

Beaded Shank Button

Beaded Shank Button

Many pieces of jewelry like necklaces or bracelets need some kind of closure. Purses do, too, journals perhaps. Maybe you crochet an iPod cozy that should be closable.
You can use pre-made closures (which I mostly don’t like), but you can make a self-made shank button match just as you like.
For my bracelet bracelet *Little Black Dress* with the beaded spiral bead I made such a shank button and it worked out really fine.

Beaded Shank Button (Tubular Herringbone/Ndebele)

Here at unikatissima:
Beaded Spiral Beads