Glue Lace

Paperiaarre Glue Lace

If you want to glue lace one day, e.g. on greeting cards or boxes, you can find a couple of tips here.
I am sure that I will need them someday ;-)

Many thanks also for this link to Brigitte!


Glue Lace (How to successfully glue different types of lace)

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Lace Bowl

sodapop design Lace Bowl

I’ve already presented the Lace Polymer Clay Bowl.
The lace bowl works similarly, they only use efaplast, an air-drying modelling clay. That makes it still easier :)
I didn’t find out whether this air-drying modelling clay is food safe, I don’t suppose so.

In the comments there are also nice inspirations:
– make an ornament for fir green this way,
– press lace from her wedding gown and
– leaves in the modelling clay.

Hm, both stamped play dough ornaments come to my mind, so it should also work with play dough ;-)


Lace Bowl (DIY Doily-Bowl) (German)
via: Efaplast statt Ton
via: Lace bowl.

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