TED Talk: Nature, Crochet and Geometry

unikatissima Math and Crochet TED Talk

Recently I presented the beaded hyperbolic planes, now I found a TED Talk to this that inspired me to eventually crochet a hyperbolic plane.


I wanted to crochet this in fact for a long time, ever since I got this beautiful pin I still adore.
Thank you again!
unikatissima Math and Crochet Pin unikatissima Math and Crochet Pin


TED Talk: Margaret Wertheim: The beautiful math that links coral, crochet and hyperbolic geometry

At The Institute For Figuring:
Crocheted Hyperbolic Models and Coral Reef Taxonomy Gallery at The Institute For Figuring
   – a wonderful gallery
Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef
   – ditto ;-)
Beaded Hyperbolics
   – still ditto ;-)
Crochet instruction for a hyperbolic plane (Interweave Knits article Taking Crochet to a Higher Plane)

At unikatissima: Beaded Hyperbolic Planes