Kumihimo Pattern Planner

Lytha Studios Kumihimo Pattern Planner

Recently I looked again for pattern generators, after all I made some myself (see links below ;-)) and I want to know what great ideas other people have ;-)

One of these great ideas ist the Kumihimo pattern planner.
You can get with it the initial position of the threads for a simple 8-braid for a given pattern.
They didn’t explain what a ‘simple 8-braid’ is but I think that it is the same as in my Kumihimo entry, I didn’t have the time to check this, yet.

Lytha Studios KumiPlanner – Kumihimo Pattern Design Application – Beta

Here at unikatissima:
Kumihimo – here you can find also a template for a brainding disk (Marudai) that you can make yourself from cardboard

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