Bookmark from Christmas Card

youtube yoyomax12 Bookmark from Christmas Card

Why not making something from the old Christmas cards, e.g. bookmarks from Christmas cards which you can also use as great gift tags :)


Bookmark from Christmas Card (How to make a bookmark out of a recycled Christmas card-with yoyomax12) (video)

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Button Bookmarks

My Busy Beehives Button Bookmarks

I have presented the button and ribbon bookmark and the bookmark with elastic before.
The button bookmarks is made with elastic and button and ribbon ;-)


Button Bookmarks (Basic Sewing Skills Ribbon Bookmark)
via: 23 Easy To Make and Extremely Creative Button Crafts Tutorials – 7.) DIY Bookmarks from Buttons

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Button and Ribbon Bookmark
Bookmarks with Elastic

Vintage Map Bookmarks

etsy PrayerNotes Vintage Map Bookmarks

I must really take a look to see if I still have an old atlas because I want to make such beautiful vintage map bookmarks :)
Hm, and actually all other bookmarks, too ;-)


Vintage Map Bookmarks (Map Bookmarks Set of 3 European Countries UK Spain Germany Poland Romania)
via: Vintage Map Bookmarks – Set of 5

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Embroidered Paper Bookmark

issuu Embroidered Paper Bookmark

You can always read, as well on the beach with a cold drink as well at a comfy fireplace with a hot tea. But sometimes you must stop reading (e.g. because of the drinking ;-)) and then such an embroidered paper bookmark comes in handy :)


comes in handy (Everyday Party Magazine Volume 2 Issue 1 Spring 2014)
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