gokulmuthu Random Symmetrical Kolam Generator

I discovered kolams (English Wikipedia entry for ‘Kolam’)!
They are beautiful patterns and I do like to play around with knots and the like ;-)

It all begun when I found a tutorial on how to design kolams.
Then I first checked what kolams are and via the Englisch Wikipedia entry for ‘Kolam’ I found a Random Kolam Generator Random Kolam Generator and an Interactive Kolam Maker. I wasn’t able to use the latter in an appropriate way, double click on the circles always brought different results.
I suppose that I only have to work on it a little bit more.
But I think that I will stick to the previously mentioned tutorial on how to design kolams, especially after I have seen the kolam images at Google and flickr.
And I guess that I won’t need the receipe for kolam rice flour colour (it is in German, but it is mainly one table spoon rice flour mixed with a pinch of colouring from plants or minerals and then painted with moist fingers), because I mostly use graphic programs (that’s because I can’t draw a straight line ;-)).

Tutorial on how to design kolams

Random Kolam Generator
Generator moved to: Random Kolam Generator
Interactive Kolam Maker

Kolam Rice Flour Colour Receipe (Kolam aus Reismehl) (German)

Google search result for ‘kolam’
Google image search result for ‘kolam’

flickr photos tagged with ‘kolam’

English Wikipedia entry for ‘Kolam’
German Wikipedia entry for ‘Kolam’

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